How To Be The Life Of The Party! $29.95

So you want to be The Life Of The Party but you don't know how to get started. Professional Magician & Comedian Fielding West is here to teach you the ropes! With ordinary objects you will learn simple tricks and gags that will fool and amaze any audience. With a little practice and a solid need for attention, you will learn very quickly "How To Be The Life Of The Party!"  No expensive props! No sleight-of-hand!

Coin Tricks
Card Magic
Mind Reading
Spoon Bending
And Much More


    The Fielding West Comedy Magic Show $59.95


Watch Fielding West in his natural environment, doing his complete 1-hour show for an enthusiastic holiday crowd at Harvey’s Casino in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Four cameras were there to catch every bit of the hilarity. Then, in a candid interview that you’ll have to see to believe (and that’s all we’re saying!), Fielding offers some revelatory perspectives about his career and magic in general. Combine all of that with a 16- minute slide show, narrated by Fielding himself, in which he takes you through all the high points and milestones of his career and you have, perhaps, the most candid and revealing look into the life and work of a successful professional magician ever caught on tape.


Here they are—the innovative and original methods to Fielding West’s magic. These secrets have been held very tightly for decades and many are being revealed here for the first time. You’ll be amazed right away by the cleverness of the thinking and then overwhelmed by the thoroughness with which Fielding has worked out every moment of each trick. This is the professional-caliber material that Fielding West has used to make his mark in magic history and for the first time, he explains the “how’s” and the “why’s” with absolutely nothing held back.


Bob The Bird Routine
Appearing Cane
Rabbit from Hat Gag (performance only)
Torn & Restored Newspaper
Temple of Benares (performance only) Balloon Swallowing
Cigarette Manipulation
Fire Eating (performance only)
20 to 2 Tens
Bill to Orange
Sawing a Lady in Half (performance only)
Levitation (performance only)
Coke Bottle Vanish/Glass of Water Production
Water in the News
Guillotine (performance only)
Color-Changing Silks
How to make a tear-away costume
Reverse Balloon Swallowing
Dove Bullet Catch (performance only)

BONUS FEATURES: (4 Additional Effects with Explanations)

Ancient Orb of Rubber Death (Needle Through Balloon)
Psychic Surgery
Coin Vanish
Ring Vanish



    Master Series Presents Fielding West $35.00

Master Series Presents Fielding West
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Master Series Presents Fielding West.

One hour of Advanced Magic



    Dove Production Apparatus  $70.00

This is Fielding's version of Johnny Thompson's "Wings of Warsaw" Dove Production.
Comes with everything needed (DVD & written instructions & harness) to make a Dove appear.
The foulard (the scarf) and a bird are NOT included.



    Autographed Poster of Fielding & Tiger $15.00

11" X 17" Autographed Poster of Fielding West & Tiger


    Autographed Poster of Fielding & Bob the Bird $15.00

11" X 17" Autographed Poster of Fielding West & Bob the Bird.


    Autographed Photo of Fielding & Bob the Bird $15.00

8"x10" Photo
of Fielding West & Bob the Bird.


    2 Posters & 1 Photo - All Autographed  $25

Collect both posters and the photo, all autographed by Fielding, for one low price.




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